Sunday, February 26, 2006

Microsoft Cranial Expansion

The natives are out in force at MS as the sky comes back out in Redmond. Tempers are flaring as yours truly tends to incite people by knowing what I am talking about. It is actually amazing the level of reasoning existent - or non-existent - at MS right now. I know that Redmond makes you dizzy but give me a break.

Some believe that MS has better products then everyone else, some believe that MS is better off getting more layers consisting of thousands of "no-birds." Some believe that the antitrust troubles are the fault of others (?). I am always torn between feeling bad for the consumer and feeling bad for the competent cogs, and so I tend to comment when it is obvious the comment is either from a mgr who is the bane of efficiency or a "hanger-on" who feels bad that he really is a "warm body."

At any rate, I will continue to speak my mind regarding the MS that is and the MS that could be no matter who has a problem. The latest slate of comments is a sign that Vista will ship with at least 100,000 bugs and I don't think I would use IE 7 if my life depended on it( and Firefox's memory leaks are REALLY annoying).

Especially when disruntled assholes are telling me they know I couldn't possibly have a computer at work and at home and be trusted enough to not have an Internet blocker. Once again Mini in his infinite wisdom suggests that maybe I should use the anonymous option when I post so that mighty idiots aren't offended when they see "TheKhalif(maybe I shouldn't have posted my pic)." He actually thinks maybe I should talk more about MS here but that won't happen. This blog is called "Faster Than The Times" which basically disallows too much talk of the "Ever-Lumbering Juggernaut of Redmond."

Besides, nothing will ever change as long as Lord Bill is the Chairman and Sir Steve is at the helm so why should I burn cycles on MY blog talking about what they could, should or might do when I can talk about cool stuff like magnetic ICs and advanced nuclear power sources?

Anyway as I always say I wish all the guys at Redmond the best but since I know MS isn't going anywhere unless the Cell is used for everything in a new PC that has an OS that plays game and supports domain security I know they are screwed.

The funny thing is that all of these white guys now know what it's like to be treated like a black man - being told no matter how good you do there is some problem (can you say stack rank?).

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