Sunday, February 05, 2006

Magnetic Bearings

Next in our series of techno-speak, we have (trumpets, please) magnetic bearings. AN interesting technique that prevents larger mechanisms from needing more lubricant to coat moving connections. The technique came to me in 1989 ( boy that was a busy year) while I was working on axles for personal transport units. Since I have an aversion to grease I had no choice but to realize that by compressing two magnets very close together it is possible to suspend the moving portion on a localzed magnetic field. The effect would be similar to a mag-lev (magnetic levitation) device. Since the two parts don't actually come into contact, the design virtually eliminates wear of bearings, enabling more efficient designs.

Using electromagnetic sources also larger structures to be desugned without complex manufaturing processes (Try smashing together two 100lb rings that are the same pole).
This comes in handy for "high compression turbine chambers" as propulsion turbines tend to spin at 10s of 1000s of RPMs.

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