Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Vaporware, we don't need no stinking vaporware!

Hello again from IT Central as we present another rousing episode of "The VaporWare Awards." Actually thi sis from Wired but what the hell as long as I don't copy and paste.......

The runner ups this year are varied and kind of expected with the usual suspects showing up, like Duke Nukem Forever, the perennial favorite from 3DRealms. I can't believe that is still being developed. There was a showing (well, not really) from TiVo who are still promising cable card HD. Blu Ray and HD-DVD also showed up ( or didn't) as 2006 is here with nary a disc in sight.

Next up wasn't The new Legend Of Zelda for GameCube and Team Fortress 2 from ( almost) Valve. Afew other faces weren't seen but this year's (or last years) big winners were (trumpets please) Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft has perhaps defined vaporware with the nearly nonexistent Vista and it's maybe not so friendly IE7 sandbox buddy. There were no public betas of either product and the buzz has died down to a very quiet whisper.

Thsi is totally opposite Google who have been given the distinction of never not being in beta for their major 2005 product offerings. Check out this link for full coverage.

2005 Vaporware

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