Sunday, July 05, 2009

The sorry state of Hip Hop.

Yeah. peeps, shit is fucked. So fucked we dropping any use of fucking grammar and shit and vent like a motherfucker. I'm fuckin ODing. I went to the BB King's NYC the other night ( I haven't been out in a while cause shit is so wack) and I decided to play male stripper.

Well, that's what I always do. Chicks be illin with turning down dances unless you come up behind em on the dance floor. Can't do it. Can't even ask at this point.

Anyway, Angie Mar was there hosting and I was hoping my favorite person would show up. I missed her at the other club (FUCKING PIECE OF GODDAMN SHIT FUCKING CRAP ASS. SHIT).

You might say how does showing women you're a slut work but you didn't see women taking pictures with me while I did "freaky dancing" to their friends. I be having chicks jumping on my dick like that and I dress like a GQ cover, NOT A THUG, so obviously you THUGS is wack little bitches that's scared of male sexuality.

But then Sliding Down the Pole?????? 100 dollar bills comin out her asshole??? Ever heard of the dictionary? I hear some black people came up with some of those words.

Anyway, I might start going again, but I don't have time to convince women I don't want to see em kiss if they got hot girlfriends. I would like to hit all of em off though. I almost had that shit worked out at Cheetah until the haters and the dykes got mad at me. (How the fuck is niggas supporting dykes - they in the closet or what?) And last night I saw these bad chicks after wards so I tried to get as many as I could. I was getting close to the leader (there always is one) and this hating ass photographer almost got his camera shoved up his ass.

It was six of em so he could have got in on it, but didn't get nothing. I was trying to get em in a cab and he made em split up. I hate bitch boys. You'd think the THUG CAPITAL OF THE WORLD would have some brothas wit some balls but no. I guess they all dropped off because of the pants.

Then most of the shit that's dropping can't get the club jumping at all. You got songs about strippers while the DJ is asking who got a college degree. It's something wrong with that.

But anyway I had fun shutting everything down though. Funk Flex was there and he was around for some of my crazy club shit a couple years ago.

The funniest shit though is that I'm the oldest person in the club and I have a job as a software developer but I'M STILL THE HOTTEST THING TO HIT NYC FUCKIN EVER.

Do you know what it's like to know that when you go there will really be no game left in hip hop, just a bunch of FUCKING BUMS trying to tat up the most beautiful chicks in the world. And it's cause the white man won't let em do anything else.....unless they do what I do or skip to the Presidency.


I'll still get mine. Maybe I'll get around to finishing my new hip hop album. MY first one was killing

I think I'm gonna do some YouTube videos dedicated to the Twerk Team and snatch up chicks nationwide. They can't resist that WINDING. And I'm even better now.