Saturday, March 18, 2006

The History of American Politics and other nonsense

After watching The St. Patrick's Day issue of Bil Maher I am in the mood to entertain the 4 people who have read this blog. Political races in this country have debilitated into a contest to see who can get their head farther up the asses of Corporations. Corporations who have a vested interest in keeping the money away from most people; who have a vested interest in the corraling of cheap labor in our nation's prisons; who have the ability to get oil loving idiots elected through carefully placed propaganda. The list goes on but I don't have the time or desire to.

This country claims to be free, but as Bil Maher pointed out more supposedly "less FREE" countries have elected female leaders. The female politician on tonight's show was more like Bush in drag, spouting the party line on every subject from policing the world while this country swirls around in a quagmire of legal and illegal drugs to beleiving that the other guy is worse so we shouldn't believe in them.

The war in Iraq is more like a show of patriotism than a necessary factor in the "war against tyranny." Is it more tyrannical to tell people to shut up and lock them up if they don't or to tell people they are free and fire them from their job for having an opposing viewpoint to the current idiot in office?

To have a politician actually count soldiers - who by the way are SUPPOSED to get in line - as good examples of support for ANY WAR is asinine at best and dangerous at worse. Don't get me wrong I spent time as an AIRBORNE PARATROOPER ASSIGNED TO THE 82nd in NC so I believe in the sanctity of being shot at for your country. But when it comes down to it, I would rather have the masculine lesbians take my spot in the lineup. I really don't like dodging artillery rounds and roadside bombs which is why I went with a geek trade.

I can say that I am always amazed by political discussions. Even when they are based in humor. Tonight I found out that most people are assholes BECAUSE they are idiots that can't figure out how to NOT be assholes. We talk about how much we are doing for these other countries who don't have a history based on the oppression of a WHOLE RACE of people while even today if left to their own devices coroprate structure woul dREMAIN OLD AND WHITE. Even in Nazi Germany, they didn't have signs that said NO JEWS. Sure they gassed a bunch of non-Aryans but they didn't gain power on their belief in the "INALIENABLE RIGHTS OF HUMANS." This is not to say that I would like to live somewhere else but that is not because of the "freedom" in this country but because I was born here and don't want to learn a totally new culture and language.

Comedian Richard Belzer surprised me with his view on political affiliation. He actually realizes that Remocrats as he called them are just the same assholes who have gotten the richest country in the world into 9 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. And then they propagandize the lack of frugality of spending in the black community. Wow talk about BULLSHIT. No wonder I think people should only vote for what color toilet paper their cultural/ethnic group should adopt.

Journalist Michele Mitchell chimed in with the fact that the Iraq war is nothing like WWII, where the country who ACTUALLY attacked us was in turn retaliated against. At this point there have been upwards of 25000 casualties in this "war" with no end in sight. This has seriously depleted our number of active COMBAT troops. Most people don't realize that seriusly injured troops don't return to combat duty for weeks, sometimes months. Me personally I am a firm believer in fighting your own battles. There would be a lot less wars if these old greedy MEN - usually white - would just fight with each other if they don't agree, but no they would rather have some person who probably doesn't even understand the purpose get out there and put there lives on the line. Or better yet if they would STOP believing they are ANY BETTER than the others we could all work together on something more than a platform in orbit that serves little purpose.

That brings up this point of technological superiority. Americans are stuck on this as if the average one of us will ever invent, create or discover anything other than the fact that their children are doing drugs, their toilet is stopped up because of their HORRIBLE DIETS or that the burning sensation they feel is not love. I personally think that as technology increases the average American whether native or immgrant gets dumber. This extends to the rest of the world but at least they don't have a few psychotic "scientists" who create horrible weapons to convince people of their MORALITY and righteousness.

That brings us to the MAJOR thing I disagree with Bill about. Intelligent Design. It's been in the news and even commented on by yours truly but in his mind is just a fantasy. Sure, I don't expect to see a "Creator" or a picture of him, but then the world turned out to be round and the Earth turned out to NOT be the center of the universe, so technology DOES make things possible. Of course the fire and brimstone preachings of sometimes barely literate theologians who are so in touch that they think some Creator would tell them to NOT HAVE SEX doesn't help. They can't even keep that. They are like those rats that become gay when kept away from the female of the species - a totally HUMAN IDEA by the way. IF left alone mice would be happily bangin gtheir "women" rather than becoming so horny that they would stick their dick in anything.

Anyway this is getting kind of long and I'm going to stop now but "I'll be back."

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