Thursday, January 05, 2006

Workable Confusion Pt.2

We rejoin our beleaguered monopoly as it attempts to head off it's first threat to the IE Monster since the destruction of Netscape. Yes we're talking about FireFox, "the little engine that could..." actually get noticeable share from IE. The author is a FF user and even though I have to reboot my machine every few days to kill a memory leak, IE is just no fun anymore. ActiveX plugins are a pain and buggy, you can't change themes, there are no extensions, etc.

MS really dropped the ball when thy stopped innovating in the browser space. At this point, I don't think IE7 or Vista IE7 will stop the bleeding. It's just a shame that FF can't be for sale(?), they would actually make money off of it. But then I guess MS made sure that a browser can NEVER be sold again in large quantities. And it only cost a couple of billion dollars, what a deal. (Wait, I thought competition was good!) Anyway, with FF breathing market share fire and the latest releases not being received with open arms, the troubles are not yet done.

Throughout all of this, the 64 bit ball has nearly been dropped as my spanking new x2 4400+ has very few drivers, no IE plugins, one supported MP3 player. Maybe th eproblem is that the lord of the manor keeps changing the driver model and devs are struggling to keep up. And there is yet another change coming for Web Services, graphics with Vista. Unfortunately, there is nothing like the buzz about Win95. Even folks like Paul Thurrott are not exactly sining it's praises. Sure there are some nice new features, but are these features going to be worth a full upgrade? Time will tell, but one thing for certain is that MS will stillmake $1B EVERY month.

Aaahh, the beauty of the "Greatest Deal Ever."

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