Friday, January 20, 2006

The Return Of Intelligent Design

It's back in the news again as yet another school district has been sued into compliance with the general rule that you can believe in a "Creation" but you cannot try to use science to understand it. Instead thoughts of the Creator are limited to magical theorems of Lucky Charms happiness. I find myself offended by the ignorance of people. Now we're being told that teaching Intelligent Design is a violation of Church and State but that has been violated by the rules of marriage forever. Why do you have to get officially licensed or live together for a State-set time before you are able to be recognized by the State. Also, by denying gays the right to marry again we are violating the policy. There is nothing in the COnstitution about marriage being between a man and a woman. Don't think I am for homosexuality but it serves the purpose.

Anyway, the class in question in El Tejo Ca was taught by a preacher's wife and theorized that the inherent complexity of life implies that there is some sentience involved. How can science be worth anything if scientists still have no clue as to how life was actually formed? I think that we should stip living in the 10th Century and start to embrace the idea that evolution itself is a part of Intelligent Design. Psychologists, con men and politicians can manipulate minds but a mind can't be Created? Men can crack a genome but there could be no consciousness that could order a double helix? It's amazing that AMericans are so conceited and most of us are barely literate enough to properly use a VCR clock. These are the same Americans who are graduating from college without the skills they should have had when graduating from HS. A recent study shows that teh average college student has a lot of trouble with complex reading and math tasks. I guess a lot of us weren't designed to be that intelligent.

Looking at Genesis, the impliocation is that all life forms came from giant whales. Amazingly enough I never saw the part that said "And God created great whales" until yesterday. I was watching a Bill Maher comedy special and he mentioned how whales and snakes mentioned in the Bible are some kind of mystical wonder rather than people who had never seen advanced technology somehow seeing into the future (perhaps through the use of hallucinogens). ANyway, I actually submitted that as a theory 1n 1992 when I was in Jr College. The theory has come a long way since then and I can almost "mathematically compose" elementary particles. The big problem with trying to recreate these particles is that before large bodies of matter and anti-matter interacted, different particle interactions were possible. I am also of the opinion that black holes are the product of high energy particles feeding back on a source after a given equilibriumm was achieved. Of course this equilibruium is dependent upon a large enough area.

It is also interesting that only one planet in the solar system will support any life. It seems as though a random occurence in such a large area would be reproduced if certain physical laws weren't "applied" to the vector space. Of course it is almost impossible to produce soem type of picture of an omnipotent being but according to the way Americans act an omnipotent being would be an average white guy. I think the point is not to prove or disprove the existence of such a being but to perhaps become such a being. Who knows, but the BIble promotes such an achievement. I thinkmost people's problem is the lack of intelligence that comdians joke about and the media displays. If people were more willing to learn rather than live off of some "genius in numbers" theory perhaps there would be less violence and depravity in the name of the Most High.

Whether or not anyone believes in the Creation won't make it go away.


Anonymous said...

You said, "It is also interesting that only one planet in the solar system will support any life. It seems as though a random occurence in such a large area would be reproduced if certain physical laws weren't "applied" to the vector space. "

Large? LOL. According to who? We're talking 9 planets out of what - millions?

TheKhalif said...

I think you're misunderstanding the differences in space when your talking parsecs vs. millions of miles. Are you saying that there is some technical limit away from our sun?

When you say nine planets, I assume you mean local to our solar system?