Thursday, January 05, 2006

Google vs. Microsoft vs. Microsoft

Yes, it's the battle of the behemoths as Google and Microsoft and Microsoft go at it. You may wonder why Microsoft was mentioned twice and the reason is that right now MS seems to be it's own worst enemy.
I really don't understand why Microsoft thinks they have to compete with Google though. They are in two totally different market segments. As someone recently posted on MiniMicrosoft, this competiton is like the electric company competing with Starbuck's. Microsoft shoul dbe happy to provide the infrastructure for companies like Google and Netscape. All the competition seems to be doing is causing lawsuits.
Is Microsoft incapable of "live and let live?" Obviously not with the amoutn of negativity put forth by Microsoft's own employees. Some people think that the ride is over though and all that Mini got was notoriety. With over 150 comments in the Google\Microsoft post, I think it's obvious that MS is not anyone's favorite anymore. It's a shame too because MS has some brilliant developers and enough cash to do anything they want. Unfortunately, they choose to attack anyone else who is making money.
You would think that they would have learned from the near debacle that was DOJ v. MS and decided to play nice. It's not like ANYONE will catch up with them in the consumer OS space and since MS gets paid even when Linux is installed, there will never be an OS that can unseat the MONEY MACHINE known as Windows\Office. Even if someone creates a "perfect OS" it still HAS to support DirectX for games and the current software base. IMPOSSIBLE.

But anyway I've ranted enough. Check out MiniMicrosoft for more Google vs. Microsoft vs. Microsoft.

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