Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is the ship sinking?

It's been several months since my last post. I have been busy and type enough as it is. You will notice the question posed and wonder what that means. Well, it's simple. America is a ship and is sinking fast.

We have more deadly diseases than third world countries, people generally hate each other for not being in their group, we go all around the world telling people how to live when we can't even elect a competent Commander in Chief.

As a black professional, I can't believe the level of incompentence in most businesses. I think the problem is that the "good old boy network" doesn't work in the Internet connected world. You can't replace a computer with a person but you can replace a person with a well programmed computer. That also may be why the dotcoms failed. Too many people were expecting that commerce has not changed but the Internet has changed every facet of our lives and makes computers INDISPENSABLE.

Microsoft is finding this out the hard way as the stock has taken a beating for the last 5 years and public\partner perceptions are deteriorating daily. If not for the greatest deal ever signed MS would go out of business, but because they have the best headstart in the OS business they can't be toppled. Look at IBM, they are the largest company almost in the world and because of the PC, they will be around also.

Probably what concerns me the most is this "insane" push to create a couple of million hip hop maniacs who are under- or un-employable. Blacks were doing well until they started to believe that Hollywood would do anything other than ridicule hip hop and black culture in general. Now we have whole industries that can make a lot more money by only producing larger sizes where the exact stitching doen't even matter because it's one size fits all(?) Sure I am upset that these young men are falling for this, but how can a society expect to lead the world when they are purposely trying to leave some behind. We are talking about school age children WHO SHOULD HAVE A DRESS CODE.

As I mentioned this has been my first post in a while and I would like to thank MiniMsft and BET. com message boards who have made it clear that they don't respect black men and that I should use this blog to say the things that others don't want to be said. Recently miniMicrosoft put up a reference to Google buying art of AOL regarding TAR Babies, complete with a demeaning song and illustrations. I used to enjoy his blog but after I asked him to remove it he didnt so, HAVE AT THEE, VARLET.

As far as BET.com, they are the only message board on the INTERNET with NO TECH BOARD. WHat bull. They will actually remove posts that defend blacks against racist comments and comments meant to upset people. It's OK cause I'm working on my own MessageBoard. It will have the best implementation of comment review code ever. I offered it to BET but they won't even let users be admins so of couse they didn't do it.

OK enough ranting for today. I hope I can get more time to update this thing.

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