Thursday, December 22, 2005

Intelligent Design - the world isn't flat

There has been a lot of talk about htis since the Supreme Court ruled against Dover, DE school district. Intelligent Design (ID) is simply saying that evolution has not been totally proven and there is no religion involved in believing that sentience had a part in the Creation.

I for one find it amazing that people in the 21st Century still say thins like The Devil made me do it. Or the Devil is in the details. But if you mention the Most High in some non-mystical way no one can cope. People have told me that I believe in some mystical person in the sky because I feel that some sentience had to "initiate" the Big Bang and the subsequent formative period followed by th eprimordial prcoess.

It makes one wonder if the Europeans in the Dark Ages felt that way when thinsg like fireworks were invented and doctors realized that germs were present in dirty hands. And look at America's wierd fetish for evil, where all types of beast, monster, pervert, sycophant and the rest parade through our lives as if the devil is real but not his Creator. What does that really say about our true devotion to love, compassion and respect?

I would say that it is just the result of millenia filled with people attempting to have the best of both worlds, whatever that means, and now our undeserved ego has convinced us that there is no sentience, just coincidence and the power of man to deface the planet. In my mind, ID means non combustive fuel sources, magnetic circuits, space travel and even something as radical as teleportation (defined as movement that... sorry patented material).

I've got to sign off now so.....

I was thinking yesterday and I realized that I never really updating this blog because I don't want followers or people coming around just to say something stupid.

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