Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 Resolutions

The New Year is coming. 2006. As I walk around New York I wonder if anyone knows it. People act like unknowing zombies whose desire is just to annoy others. My New Year's Resolution is to do everything I can to remake America in the image it's supposed to have; a country where everyone is equal under the eyes of the law and the eyes of men.
OF course to get rich assholes to come to that conclusion would take nothing short of a deadly plague but ......

I really don't understand how rich people can trot around the way they do. I mean sure I don't think I ow anyone anything and am not the "philanthropic" type but I think that we all have the responsibiltity to have all people feel that they can work where they want AND get paid equally to those buddies of those rich assholes I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately like, George W, they seem to pick the most incompetent people. I mean look at BillG. He has 50Billion dollars. What could he possibly do with that much money? What he should be doing is trying to raise the literacy in his company's home state. I left Seattle in 2002 and the level of functional illiteracy was 19% for women and 20% for men.

Now WA is a majority white state so he is living in his smart house while his brethren search for signs they can read. I guess that's why MS hires mainly outside of WA. WTF? There should be a law that you can't sit on that kind of money while people a few miles away are starving. AT least athletes and actors are always seen at fundraiser for "underprivileged children" and they have nowhere near $50B. Sure he is known for his charity but that is from a separate foundation that also has $50B. A good question would be why not give it all away in one year? I'm sure $50B flowing through the economy would help a lot of people. Unfortunately I'm also sure that would be on a cold day in hell.

And then there are the problems that we have with our "cultural sensitivity." How can America be the land of the free and the home of the brave when no one can say anything about the current administration? I mean everyone knows our “President” is two steps up from the “Special Bus.” I mean, are we not only celebrating mediocrity at the low, “black” level but also at the top “white” level? Is our next President going to be a Harvard drop out with a history of rehab stints? As a “young at heart” black man over 30, I refuse to leave anything to the current generation. Assholes like Bill Cosby are just causing more problems. I refuse to not put some of the blame on these 16 year olds that can’t rap and don’t know what size they wear. There are plenty of stores where they sell YOUR SIZE. And then you complain that no one gives you a chance? Yeah, right. I’m black and your dumb ass wouldn’t get in my school or office dressed like a fucking bum. Of course we have to put some blame on the RIAA. They are promoting illiterate criminals as “role models” and then saying, this is what people want to hear. BULLSHIT. I think someone should take one of these kids and use him as an example of “CORRUPTING MINORS” and sue them for a billion dollars.

These problems seem to pale in comparison to America’s preoccupation with perverted sexual appetites. At least Hepatitis isn’t cool anymore. But then I think I’d trade that for the current fad in porn known as A2M. This is the practice whereby a woman makes more than me to “taste her own ass” and men actually like it. And then just to make it interesting these same women are then paid to have “sex” with each other. Does it really make you straight to make women gay? And all of this is in the middle of the AIDS pandemic. Then we have kinky priests who are having “sex” with little boys. At least now they have the female middle school teachers competing with them if you could say that’s a plus. We are supposed to be the world leader and we don’t even know what gender we are.

I can say that I am embarrassed to call myself an American.

And then when I think about the average technology company I know exactly why the bubble burst. Most of these startups were a bunch of idiots who had more money than they should have. They took the money and did nothing to actually keep the business going. I never thought I would see the day that a Software company said they don’t need computers. They all found out the hard way that the “good-old- boy-network model” will not hold up in the age of 64 bit Windows and terabyte databases. Of course, this is after they have stolen a few hundred thousand dollars from the economy. Sometimes I think white men should just give up control of the money. They certainly aren’t in control of anything else. I mean, if they insist on calling themselves better while at the same time they have basically created as many diseases as any technology. I personally don’t think it’s a worthwhile tradeoff. Besides, Japan is so far ahead of us we look like pre-Industrial Revolution. They have all the advanced technology 2-5 years before us and by the time companies here finish spending hiring people to do feasibility and marketing studies, we are even farther behind.

Indicative of this trend is perhaps the largest software company in the world. Right now MS is swirling around the bowl is only being held up by the greatest deal ever signed. As an exMicrosoft employee it amazes me that any software EVER gets released. The laziest, least creative people are making feature decisions and the hard workers who actually love their work are forced out, and don’t be of a darker persuasion not from India, you life will be miserable. The same idiots who will “film Juicy Fruit commercials” are the same idiots whose ideas cost billions, while an intellectual black man will be looked at as a “problem.” I actually began to believe that MS stayed in WA because of the lack of blacks. I actually passed by BillG a few times and he seemed to me to be the biggest racist ever. Not that I saw him speak to white employees, at least he didn’t take off running down the hall.

For all these reasons, I hope that there are a lot less people this time next year.

Anyway, that concludes this rant. Hopefully some real Americans will see this and respond.

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