Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No that isn't a crazy movie title. It's a vindication of some of the hard work I've done. Years ago I was working on propulsion technologies and after designing a vacuum chamber designed which could actually produce as much thrust (theoretically) as a commercial airline engine, I ventured to outer space. Of course with no air a vacuum chamber would have no use. I decided initially to setup a complex Emag field to draw air in from the atmosphere. Great but extended travel not so great.

From there I decided to look at creating hydrogen ions in a high energy field (hydrogen is a proton and a neutron). Initialy I looked at a "static generation field" that would process energy to create particulate matter. This was rather inefficient so I turned to nuclear energy.

Theoretically the mechanism is question would "proton charge" radioactive elements such that neutrons are knocked off one at a time after being stripped of the electrons. This had an additional side effect of generating usable energy which could be accumulated in a separate circuit.

Then these particles are exposed to a high-energy magnetic field which directs them through two chambers which increase the heat to create a plasma. Upon release the particles are then at several 1000 degrees and simulate the thrust of combusted gas.

Recently a company called Ad Astra has designed a a similar system using contained hydrogen gas. It is testing by NASA now and should be in service within a few years.

I guess next someone will figure out my teleportation algorithm.

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