Thursday, December 04, 2008

The President-Elect

Howdy folks,
After a long hiatus Super Genius Guy is back. Back with a new post a new universal paradigm. As is customary here we don't pull punches and this post will be no different.

We're here today to talk about the future. The new future of the world. Yes, something that I knew could happen (I thought about it but am too much of a lush to try...yet).
The United States of America has elected a "brother" President. Yes, you all heard that right. Many movies have come to fruition and a black man is President.

Introducing Barack Hussein Obama or Barry as he is sometimes known. He ran a near-perfect race and did me proud. Now there is a new wind blowing. No more can ANYONE say that America can't see the content of a man's character. People picked him out of a very tough field from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Admittedly I voted for Hillary but I have a powerful woman fetish so it wasn't a knock just my choice. I did vote for him over "The Old Guy and the Temptress" but when Biden did his little move at the end of the acceptance speech, pointing and crouching to someone in the crowd, I knew we had a serious ticket that did connect with the middle class.

I must have listened to his speech ten times as I saw none of the head movements and pre-choreographed gestures that are staple of American national politics. I would actually like to help him, mainly because our race is in trouble. We need to erase the last ten years of thugs and illiterate athletes.

It does seem interestingly coincidental that the aforementioned seem to continually catch cases for real "ghetto" shit. The worse of which just this week involving an accidental shooting with an illegal firearm. (I'm trying not to laugh but because I wrote a Web Site for NYC 311 Agencies, here's a book Bloomberg can throw at him)

I for one am going to take full advantage of the Future Barack Made and make sure his daughters do get the same opportunities as ANYONE'S sons. As a matter of fact I have my Film Maker's eye on a very special actress who WILL get to be in my movies. She WILL keep her clothes on while doing it. She hasn't removed them yet so...

All you thugs (read:tattoed CLOWNS) out there trying to make hoochies out of MY beautiful black women, you got a fight coming. Well actually, I've BEEN holding it down like that. I had the number 8, number 22 and number 30 hip hop tracks on SoundClick when I dropped my first album in 2003. I turned out every club from NYC to Seattle, and had my first script get me a consider as a writer from a Production Company that worked with Val Kilmer.

And you may say what does that have to do with our new President? EVERYTHING. There is a glimmer of hope for every young black person out there as they can forget about the GARBAGE underachievers tell them about their prospects in America. They have the GREATEST ROLE MODEL POSSIBLE. I repeat THE GREATEST ROLE MODEL POSSIBLE. The President of the United States.

Sir, I salute you. You've done your country proud.

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